Comparison of Two Friends


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The beginning:
Comparison of Two Friends
Two close friends sit talking to one another with one of the girls being on the quiet side while the other girl was giggling and laughing. Friendship between the two girls, Jackie and Lynnette, started in elementary school when they met on the playground playing basketball. Comparing these two friends will show they have a lot of similarities, including their love of basketball, types of music and movies, but they also are different in their personalities, grades, and pets.
Comparing these two friends will show they have a similar love of playing basketball, listening to music, and watching different videos. Jackie and Lynnette share a common love of playing basketball. Jackie and Lynnette actually met on the...
The end:
..... have many similarities, they also have many differences. The two friends enjoy music and movies. These friends love basketball and they often play basketball in their spare time. Comparing the two girls will show that Jackie and Lynnette are different in their personalities. Jackie is quiet, shy, and passive, while Lynnette is hyper, outgoing, and friendly. Jackie makes good grades, while Lynnette’s grades are low. Lynnette loves cheerleading and she started as a cheerleader in middle school. Jackie loves animals and she owns two Maltese. On the other hand, Lynnette has no pets and she has a fear of dogs. Jackie and Lynnette have their similarities, but they also are different in many ways. Having these two girls as friends makes life fun.