Comparison of Two British Poems by Robert Herrick and Thomas Gray


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The beginning:
An Analysis and Comparison of Two British Poems by Robert Herrick and Thomas Gray
The British poets Robert Herrick and Thomas Gray both wrote poetry that involves the themes of loss and the feelings that happen to the narrator of the poem after this loss occurs. Because these poems were written in different periods in European history, the themes and subject matter of each poem are handled differently by each poet, reflecting the attitudes, perceptions and feelings of the particular time period in which each poem was written. This paper will analyze and compare and contrast one poem by Robert Herrick (1591-1674), Upon the Loss of His Mistress, which was written during the Renaissance period; and one poem by Thomas Gray...
The end:
.....naissance and the period of Enlightenment in European history, even more can be learned by the words that are used and the meanings in the context of society’s views towards women during those time periods. Both poems, however, still have meaning today and it is interesting that both can be understood as well now as then.
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