Comparison of the Hindu Moksha and Christian Salvation


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Comparison of the Hindu Moksha and Christian Salvation
Comparison of the Hindu Moksha and Christian Salvation
The concept of a sense of release from suffering, desire for material possession and a union with God is a characteristic of many religions, both Eastern and Western. The Christian concept of salvation and the Hindu concept of moksha are examples of this ultimate goal of having a sense of unity with God. This paper will examine the idea of moksha with that of salvation and discover how the two states of being are similar and how they may be different. It is argued in this paper that, while the concepts are similar in many ways in that they both mean a state of union with God and an end to suffering...
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.....istian bible. For this reason, I think talking about salvation would just require an explanation about the monotheistic nature of Christianity, and that instead of an end to reincarnation like moksha, salvation, to Christians, means an end to life but a holy union with God. In both cases, the union with God and the release from desire and a state of grace are common, so the conversation would likely have a great deal of understanding.
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