Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism


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The beginning:
Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism
One fundamental belief of Buddhism that most people knows is reincarnation or rebirth. Often people ask why people suffer and what can people do to eliminate suffering. Buddhism answers these questions in their Four Noble Truths. As a researcher of religion, it should be no surprise that Hinduism is similar to Buddhism. On the other hand, many differences can be found between Hinduism and Buddhism. A look at the basic beliefs of Buddhism, a comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism, and the reasons why some Indians have changed from Hinduism to Buddhism will be found in this research paper.
Buddhism consists of many core beliefs, practices, Noble Truths, percepts, and the Eightfold Path. As mentioned earlier,...
The end:
..... many similarities, while many differences can also be found in the two religions. In actuality, Hinduism has been said to not be a religion but a set of religious beliefs that continue to change over time. Many Indians have changed to Buddhism because it is not a caste system and offers more hope for people.
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