Comparison and Contrast of Processes for Problem Solving


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Comparison and Contrast of Processes for Problem Solving
Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making are very different processes but they are also all interrelated and are often used in combination for the sake of the outcome. Nurses make use of these processes in order to decide on the best interventions and nurse leaders use them to bring about change. Certain process are appropriate for specific situations and groups can be helpful or a hindrance.
Seifert (2010, p.197) provides a formal definition of critical thinking as “a process of making reasoned judgments based on the consideration of available evidence, contextual aspects of a situation, and pertinent concepts”. All of this can be reduced to a simple, informal...
The end:
.....ers play a fundamental role in the change process. They share in the leader’s vision and actively work to make that vision a reality. In order to bring change about, the leader must engage in the five exemplary practices of effective leadership.
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