Comparison and Contrast in Medicine River


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The beginning:
Comparison and Contrast in Medicine River
There is a real issue of identity and coming to terms with oneself in the novel Medicine River. King is not merely an author but takes on the role of best friend because only a close friend will dare to present the truth. He literally throws elements at the reader such as letters, photographs, memories, and flashbacks to the past. The final chapter does not completely explain every point in the first chapter but it supplies the meaning for it. Will’s mother expresses the theme of the book when she says “That’s the way things are” (King 241).
repeats this theme and also Louise. It is not only the individual who believes in this way of looking at life but the entire community. The novel...
The end:
.....ion and how people approach life. There is the attitude of acceptance all the way through and saying that this is the way things are. The attitude causes serious problems and distorts the truth but it is also a cultural matter.
is the influence that keeps the letters and the attitude alive. It would be much more healthy for all the characters if they took a different approach and at least questioned what they observed. Will’s mother should have seen immediately that the boys’ father was worthless and would never change. Will has made a real attempt to understand himself and his life. In his case, it is important to accept the past and also to make peace with what happened
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