Comparison and Analysis of Two Perspectives on Youth Crime


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The beginning:
Comparison and Analysis of Two Perspectives on Youth Crime
The Canadian government wants the public to believe that youth crime in Canada is on the rise. Task forces, special city police, RCMP units and studies are being funded across the country to combat this phenomenon. This paper will compare and contrast two differing viewpoints on youth crime – one from the Conservative Government, and one from the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Fact Sheet – and will attempt to determine which is the more realistic viewpoint.
Due to extensive, and pointed media coverage and the programs responsible for shaping the public perception, there is a misconception that youth crime is increasing dramatically, as is the severity of the offenses. In...
The end:
..... laws and stricter rules for youth in custody will not automatically reduce the crime rate or change the young adults the courts are currently dealing with. Instead, the youth in the system will rebel against ‘the authority’ and could go on to commit much more harmful or dangerous acts in the future as a result.
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