Comparing the Scope of Practice for the LPN, RN and APN


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Comparing the Scope of Practice for the LPN, RN and APN
Compare the differences in (scope of practice) for the LPN, RN and APN. The License Practice Nurse (LPN) performs duties delegated by the registered nurse under the supervision. Any nurse can perform the activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, grooming, routine dental, hair, hand washing and skin care and preparation of food for oral feeding including the LPN. ” (“Kansas Board of Nursing”, 38) The LPN performs rehabilitative functions such as exercise, ambulation and transferring the patient. The tasks of the LPN are performed under the supervision of the RN. The activities that may be performed by the LPN on intravenous fluids include monitoring, maintaining,...
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.....have to obtain licensure for multiple states when changing residence as long as the different states have implemented this form of legislature for practice. In the role of a primary care provider, it will enable me to transition patient care easily across state borders with follow up electronically in multiple states in the role of a primary care giver. Thus, I can still provide some basic services electronically to my patient when they move and prevent an abrupt termination of services as they look for another primary care giver.
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