Comparing the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 to the Iranian Islamic Revolution


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The beginning:
Comparing the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 to the Iranian Islamic Revolution
(with a focus on the intellectual wellsprings of each revolution)
The following paper will compare the current Egyptian revolution with the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Overall, there are many more
than differences between the two: both were reactions against US-backed dictators; both featured Islamic uprisings against the West; and both were instigated by young students frustrated with the direction of their respective societies. Before going too far, there are some rather obvious differences and similarities that can be established. After these differences and similarities have been briefly expounded upon, the paper will turn to look at two important...
The end:
.....utches of imperialism and its vile agents, and then to defend them. Grant that the
and the scholars may strive to guide and enlighten the minds of the people, to convey the sacred aims of Islam to all Muslims, particularly the younger generation, and to struggle for the establishment of an Islamic government. From You is success, and there is neither recourse nor strength except in God, the Exalted, the Sublime.”[4]
The Institute for Compilation and Publication
Khomeini’s Works
See n
. 27 of the present volume.
See n
. 107 of the present volume.
[3] A collection of the viewpoints and stances on this argumentation is being compiled by this Institute.
[4] The written supplication at the end of the present volume.