Comparing the Early and Latter Lives of Jesus Christ and the Buddha


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A Compare and Contrast Analysis of Christ and Buddha’s Early and Latter Lives and of its Meanings in World Religion
This religious study will compare and contrast the various early and latter lives of Jesus Christ and the Buddha. By comparing the similar traits of the prodigal son, one can understand the differing ways in which Christ and Buddha taught their followers. This is also true of their latter lives in that they differ on the spiritual mission they provide in religious texts. By understanding the contrasting elements of Christ as “Son of God” and Buddha’s divine state of being (in the presence tense), these two religions offer differing version of faith and spiritual presence in their spiritual practices.
The comparable way in...
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.....s a “Son of God” because of his more direct presence of ‘being” in the here and now. While Christ has become a distinct entity living in Heaven, so Buddha remains a vital memory for the monks who follow his path. These are the differing ways in which salvation through death are defined by Christ and Buddha in these texts.
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