Comparing and Contrasting Canada and the US


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Comparing and Contrasting Canada and the US
Two of the geographically largest countries in the world are North American neighbors. Canada and the United States of America certainly have more in common than a shared border. They share a common heritage based on British colonialism, and enjoy the advantage of possessing one of the choicest, most resource-rich chunks of land anywhere on the globe. Yet, Canada and the US differ in significant ways. Canada and the US share the most striking similarities and differences in geography and population, culture, economics, and government. This essay will compare and contrast Canada and the US in those areas.
Although both nations are located in the northern hemisphere, the geography of each nation is...
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.....sident; the legislative, law-making body of Congress, and the judicial, with the Supreme Court constituting the highest legal authority in the land (CIA World FactBook).
As players on the world stage, Canada and the US each have a strong presence. While these North American neighbors have much in common in the areas of geography and population, culture, economics, and government, there are clearly many characteristics that sharply differentiate the two. Observers need to be aware of these significant differences.
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