Comparative Analysis – “First Nations Resistance” and “The Question of Rights”


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Comparative Analysis - "First Nations Resistance" and "The Question of Rights"
The global plight of aboriginal peoples are related the current situation of the Five Nations in Canada in both the article by Orkin and West-Newman. Where Andrew Orkin lived his formative years in apartheid South Africa and Catherine Lane West-Newman a resident of New Zealand of aboriginal descent, offer differing perspectives of the manner in which the colonial history of Canada and its residual effects upon the indigenous peoples is being addressed. There is a commonality of experience among all the former British colonies throughout the globe and the treatment of the pre-colonial inhabitants either by treaty or military force their lands were usurped in the...
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.....ving and by all measures, both social and economic, there has been a marked decline since greater awareness and acknowledgement has been made by the Canadian government that it has failed to honor its treaty commitments. It is also noted that rather than revert to what was promised the government is attempting to negotiate a new arrangement that seems to perpetuate the isolation and decline of the indigenous population.
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