Company G: 3-Year Marketing Plan


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The beginning:
Company G: 3-Year Marketing Plan
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Table of Contents
TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc223363296 h 3
Mission Statement PAGEREF _Toc223363297 h 3
Market Objectives PAGEREF _Toc223363298 h 3
Target Market PAGEREF _Toc223363299 h 3
Product Objective PAGEREF _Toc223363300 h 3
Price Objective PAGEREF _Toc223363301 h 3
Place Objective PAGEREF _Toc223363302 h 4
Promotion Objective PAGEREF _Toc223363303 h 4
Competitive Situation Analysis PAGEREF _Toc223363304 h 4
Consumer Product Classification PAGEREF _Toc223363305 h 4
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model PAGEREF _Toc223363306 h 4
SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc223363307 h 5
Strengths PAGEREF _Toc223363308 h 5...
The end:
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Year 2, 1st quarter
Marketing and Packaging Directors
Monitoring Procedures
Company G has developed monitoring timelines to ensure the continuing development and success of our products.
Monitoring Activity
Due Date/Frequency
Responsible Party
Product Manager to conduct weekly meetings with various supervisors to ensure deadlines and goals are being met
Product Manager
Accounting Supervisor to conduct reviews twice quarterly of pricing strategies
Twice each quarter
Accounting Supervisor
Product Manager will conduct review to ensure correct product placement
Product Manager
Marketing and Packaging Directors to conduct review of marketing materials and strategies
Marketing and Packaging Directors