Community Economic Development Project


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Community Economic Development Project
i) A social problem that is faced by many Canadians is the lack of economic opportunity for immigrants. Statistics Canada tells us that although 58% of recent male immigrants and 49% of recent female immigrants have at least a bachelor's degree, immigrants are likely to only be able to find unskilled jobs with low education requirements, because of language limitations, age or visible minority status discrimination (Galarneau and Morisette, 2008, p. 5). One thing that may help relieve this situation is a volunteer program for immigrants. Recently, in Vancouver, such a program was set up by a local non-profit agency and it has been highly successful, because it helps to break down the communication and...
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.....equation, challenges for this type of program will definitely include securing interesting and beneficial volunteer jobs for all interested immigrants. It may be difficult to find the right type of experience to fulfill the needs of each person.
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