Community Consultation Report


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Community Consultation Report
The community is made up of geriatric patients at
Lodge which is an adult day care centre. The target group consists of elderly patients who have low incomes. This group also suffers from a variety of chronic conditions and experiences problems related to aging such as loses, lack of social support and increasing dependence on others (Marin, 2008). At the same time, a focus on strengths reveals that these people manage well and maintain their quality of life. Through the use of partnership and focus groups, I was able to promote the health of this community and enable the members to gain greater control over their health (Cohen, 2008). I will explore why this group forms a community, the...
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.....s grateful for the care. Her husband is in the first stage of the disease and she finds it very difficult to learn exactly what to expect as the disease progresses. She says she is coping well and is enjoying her time with her husband before he becomes seriously impaired.
One man said that when he was growing up in Nova Scotia the physical conditions were incredible. He could not wait to get away because of the cold and blizzards. He said that as he looked back he realized that everyone still regarded nature as a friend and as benevolent. He looks upon his very painful chronic arthritis in the same way. He said that what helps him through is that he does not look upon his illness as an enemy. His spiritual beliefs also help him with coping.