Community-Based Research Partnerships and Capacity Development


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Community-Based Research Partnerships and Capacity Development
The following paper looks at two articles that discuss community-based research partnerships and capacity development; the paper shall look at the implementation of each, agents in the matter, and offer a case study that sheds light on both of them. If nothing else, what this paper will reveal is that community development (or even national development in those instances where the national community is bolstered) arises when communities formulate partnerships with other bodies or parties that possess the capabilities and proficiencies the community lacks – and when the community takes the time to realize that it does have weaknesses in some areas and that these...
The end:
.....antaged. I submit also that the cases before us – both the major one involving Sichuan and the lesser ones noted in passing – are insights into how a systematic and comprehensive approach must always be pursued; there is little doubt that huge problems involve changes and remediation occurring in many areas, not just a few.
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