Community Agency Criteria


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Community Agency Criteria
This assignment discusses the visit the writer made to the Asthma Allergy and Immunization Agency located in Rochester, New York. The objective of this visit is to see through first hand experience how this agency implements its duties with regards to treating patients who have Asthma, Allergy or immunization health needs. The second objective is to follow up with communication with an agency staff with the aim of gathering additional information relating to the agency goals, and objectives. These two objectives were met through a visit to the agency’s office located at 300 Meridian Center Suite 300, Rochester, New York.
The second objective was met through follow-up conversations with one of the agency Registered...
The end:
.....urces through medical grants and aid.
This assignment was an eye opener for me. It enabled me to see the practical side of theoretical work and concepts studied under the classroom setting. The job of the nurse is very critical to medical facilities such the one discussed. Nurses work under pressure, and they generally perform their work very well under such difficult circumstances. I am grateful to the charge nurse for all the assistance provided over the phone.
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