Community-Acquired Pneumonia


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Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Community-acquired pneumonia must be treated carefully or it may result in death for the patient. During my clinical experience, Mr. X, a 65-year-old male was admitted to acute care with shortness of breath, cough, and acute dyspnea that had persisted for three weeks. Among other symptoms he had instability of gait and was not fully oriented. His treatment plan consisted of 3-4 days of antibiotics. The question to be researched was: how does the treatment for community-acquired pneumonia provided for this patient compare to the best evidence? The appropriate type of evidence would be found in quantitative studies and would determine if we used the most effective intervention. It would also...
The end:
.....ich emphasized age as a factor and the use of antibiotics for treatment. I used the CINAHL database with the search terms community-acquired pneumonia and treatment. This resulted in 452 articles and two were appropriate. I changed the search terms to community-acquired pneumonia and nursing care and found two articles; one was excellent. I focused on nursing research.
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