Communications: A Look at Cultural Policy in Canada


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Communications: A Look at Cultural Policy in Canada
Part A: 2. Discuss the evolution of Canadian cultural citizenship (subjects, citizens, consumers) in terms of international influences on Canadian policy. Give at least two examples of international influence.
Canadian cultural citizenship has evolved in the sense that two cultures and two ethnicities – British/European English Canadians and French Canadians – predominated. Since the 1960s, however, multiculturalism has crept into the legislation of the country and the end result has been a cultural mosaic that is startling in its diversity. As far as Canadians as “subjects,” they have gone from being subjects of the British Crown to being citizens of an independent nation. It may...
The end:
.....ral institutions and policies that gave Canada its early “flavour;” one can argue that the same elites – albeit a different generation of them – also played a role in the transformation of Canada into a thoroughly multicultural society beginning at the end of the 1960s.
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