Communication Strategies for Healthy Frozen Meals


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This paper shall look at the communications strategy to be employed by a company set to introduce a new frozen meal product to be eaten by children.
Communication Strategies for Healthy Frozen Meals
The United States faces an epidemic in the coming decades. For the first time in history, this current generation of children is in jeopardy of experiencing a shorter average life span than their parents. The primary cause for this worry concerns the poor eating habits of many children and the parents that provide them to eat in such a manner. Nutritious food options have become far more expensive or time consuming to prepare in comparison to the pre-packaged, high trans fat, and artificially manufactured products available to parents....
The end:
.....ough to try it when their parent first offers it to them. The company must take the time to communicate with these children so when the opportunity comes, the children will be a positive stakeholder in the repeat purchase of the frozen food product.
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