Communication Skills: Reflective Analysis


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Communication Skills: Reflective Analysis
Look Back
An incident occurred at my placement on January 20, 2011. I was having challenges communicating with one of my students because she did not understand English. As a teacher, I projected the difficulties the student and I would have during the course of the class if she could not understand what I was teaching or my instructions for homework. I anticipated a high level of frustration for both of us. I had to find a way to effectively communicate with this student. My first thought was to enlist the aid of another student who I knew was fluent in both languages.
From my studies in how to communicate effectively, I knew that I needed to take time to understand the challenges this...
The end:
.....eneral often result in frustration at the least and anger at the worst. I wanted my students to learn that helping others communicate benefits everyone. As countries such as Canada and the United States continue to have immigrants who speak a myriad of languages, it has become even more important that we take the time and patience to practice improving our communication skills.
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