Communication in Macleod and Crummey


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Communication Breakdown: Communication in Macleod and Crummey
Just as non-fiction writers attempt to convey information through facts and historical accounts, fiction writers use symbols, analogies and other literary devices to convey meaning and emotion to their readers. This form of communication can be very poignant and personal, and Alistair MacLeod and Michael
are two Canadian writers who attempt to convey something about the very nature of communication itself in their work.
short story “Bread” and MacLeod’s “The Closing Down of Summer” both deal with the importance of communication, or lack thereof, within a relationship. Although these writers are at times discussing very different types of relationships, they...
The end:
.....t and lack of sentimentality, reveals how intimacy is truly expressed through actions and the private, quiet moments between two people. MacLeod’s story demonstrates how difficult it is for people to truly express their private thoughts to others, even their spouses. Both stories fascinatingly explore the hollowness of words - both written and spoken - when someone is trying to relate to another their deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings, and how true communication comes from body language and meaningful silences.
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