Communication Channels for Health Care Campaigns


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This paper shall discuss the strategies behind a mass communications campaign and specifically how to effectively execute a campaign focused upon a health care issue or initiative.
Communication Channels for Health Care Campaigns
In today’s media culture, the channels that reach groups and individuals have grown substantially. Therefore, any mass communications initiative that strives to reach out across various segments and demographics needs a multi-pronged approach. Whether it concerns breast cancer awareness and testing or anti-drug campaigns, non-profit groups and government bodies must strategically focus their endeavors. Some campaigns may be structured to speak at the individual level while others may seek to challenge...
The end:
.....can be made when messages are understood in the context of a cultural model. Moreover, as there are ever more diverse media channels that specifically to speak to a single, focused audience, the time has never been better for mass marketers to adopt this multi-pronged approach.
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