Communication and Personality in Negotiation


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Communication and Personality in Negotiation
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is known for the explosive fast pace of play, the rough arming, and the exquisite agility of its players. And keeping to suit, were the power negotiations for Juwan Howard involving the elite of the NBA offered breath-taking finesse, fists full of dollars, and even loyal fans. In the summer of 1996 with the dawn of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the challenge of negotiating a new contract for NBA player Juwan Howard emerged. In addition to the CBA, Howard’s status was changing at that time to that of a free agent. His negotiating team of agents, Falk and Polk, led the charge in garnering a contract with a salary increase for Howard that...
The end:
.....rt. With rough seas ahead for Miami, the coaches made the decision to accept the terms that allowed the Bullets to sign Howard for a second time. And this time, it was all on his terms as his team of Falk and Polk consistently managed to maneuver the ball into Howard’s court with agility that scored for Howard, making him only the second NBA player to sign a contract worth in excess of $100 million.
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