Communication and Motivational Problems in Two Companies


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The beginning:
Communication and Motivational Problems in Two Companies
This paper compares and contrasts (identifies similarities and differences) the communication and motivational problems existing at two firms – Best Food Grocer and HK Handbags – that each lost a valuable, industrious employee because of an inability on the part of senior staff to be both responsible (certainly true in the case of HK handbags) and/or available and empathetic (certainly true in the case of Best Food Grocer).
Herzberg’s two-factor theory holds that hygiene factors such as working conditions, interpersonal relations, salary, job security, company policies and the sort of supervision offered on the job (amongst other things) keep workers from becoming dissatisfied....
The end: in the latter but Aaron is showing a lack of respect, too, by being so uncooperative.
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