Communication and Community in Online Communities


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Communication and Community in Online Communities 
The concept of community has been a part of the world wide web since its establishment.  Though the internet was initially utilized by scientists and academics to share and communicate knowledge, work together on research, and exchange messages, today, millions of internet users globally communicate with themselves using the internet.  Moreover, in contemporary culture, there has been a prevalence of organized users around communities of interest.  Though there is no agreed definition of an “online community,” the extensive use of electronic media for contacting other people seems to be the distinctive feature of these communities.  The lack of definition is likely due to the...
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.....pathetic.  The second depression post received five replies, all of which advising the particular user on how to get in touch with people locally while the third depression post received 10 congratulatory replies.  This was the similar response in the breakups and divorce support group as well.  However, because there was no interactions with the particular users of the communities, several questions remain such as whether these particular depression and divorce communities play a prominent role in the coping efforts of the members.  
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