Communicating with Hearing Impaired Client


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The beginning:
Communicating with Hearing Impaired Client
Since hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit, it is almost certain that every nurse will encounter at least one hearing-impaired client (
, 2010). All hearing loss results in severe negative impacts and especially in regard to social isolation. Adult-onset hearing loss is particularly difficult since the person loses a sense of the predictability of life. As a result, the person’s life is marked by social uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and serious problems in coping with challenging situations (Preminger &
, 2010). This paper is concerned with the nurse’s approach to the hearing-impaired client and with strategies to improve communication and social...
The end:
.....point is that the content of any health teaching and direct counseling by the nurse results in just a minor effect on client outcomes. The crucial element is the use of psychosocial interventions.
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