Colour in Film History


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Colour in Film History
The introduction of colour film was one of the most important innovations in cinema history, rivalling the introduction of sound in historical significance. This essay examines the development of colour film and its impact on movies, focusing on the technical process that produced colour, the limitations of colour in early productions, and some key films that brought colour into the mainstream in Hollywood and ushered in a new era in film, much as the development of sound had brought about a new era to replace the era of silent film.
In the early 20th century films were all in black and white for the simple reason that colour film did not exist. While there were reservations about the use of colour in film on...
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.....nd Good Luck”). Some lament that this has resulted in the death of certain styles of filmmaking and genres, particularly film noir, which simply doesn’t work in colour. Regardless of how one feels about it from an aesthetic point of view, the development of colour film technology was a key event in the history of cinema.
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