Coldness in Elizabeth Hay’s “Late Nights on Air”


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Coldness in Elizabeth Hay's "Late Nights on Air"
Reply Assignment #1
In the book Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay takes place in Yellowknife. This unusual location and a realistic cast of characters results in a book filled with a variety of themes. This means that a wide range of reviews can be generated about the themes in this book.
The review by Alana Casey focuses on the theme of cold. Casey makes and interesting argument that cold is not only used in reference to the temperature it is also used to symbolize characters personalities.
The format of this essay is academic in nature. It uses a MLA citation style. However, it seems a little odd to have it single spaced with a triple space between the paragraphs. It must also be noted...
The end:
.....te this overall feeling of isolation.
The abusive love that
2) can also be seen as a response to this isolation. However,
makes an artificial separation between abusive love and needy love. What she really needs to realize is that abusive love is a sub-category of needy love and not a category on its own.
In conclusion,
argument that about the major thread of the book being the outsider status of the major characters and their quest for love. The problem is that the major theme is actually isolation and the fact that they were outsiders and searching for love is actually a secondary argument.
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