Cold War Geopolitics from the 1940s until 1990s


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Cold War Geopolitics from the 1940s until 1990s
This essay will explore the Cold War geopolitics that extended throughout the 1940s through to the beginnings of the 1990s. It was a war fought by two expansionist empires with two different ideologies. The United States was interested in commerce and democracy, and its form of imperialism was usually more cultural and commercial than it was about force. The opponent of the United States was the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was interested in state capitalism and non democratic rule. The Soviet Union’s form of imperialism was overt and hard. They would roll into other nations with tanks and subsume them into the Soviet system. Both countries had large economies, large armies and the best...
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..... free speech, killing scores of political dissidents and just generally providing a miserable standard of living for everyone under their yoke. The Americans, in spite of their many failings, simply offered a better deal. That is why the world rejoiced when America won the Cold War.
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