Club it and its Strategic Evaluation


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The beginning:
This document discusses various options and strategies for Club IT. The club is seen as needing a variety of technology solutions in order to improve its overall operations and operating margins. The club can be seen benefiting from enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain management software in the future. 
Club IT has a variety of resources at its disposal. These resources consist of the management’s expertise in the market, financial reserves for capital expenditures, and a strong vender-supplier network. Additionally, because of the managerial expertise in relationship marketing, the club’s customers have developed a strong bond with the...
The end:
..... important for a club such as Club IT that relies on the healthy relationship it must maintain with its patrons over time in order to benefit from repeat customer traffic. Additionally, maintaining healthy vendor/supplier relationships can pay dividends by allowing the club to benefit from improved margins and stronger negotiating positions in the future. 
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