Citibank Mexico Team Case Analysis


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This paper shall provide insight and analysis related to the business case focused on Citibank Mexico. The specific focus will be on the ethical issues that arise in the case and the alternatives for dealing with them.
Citibank Mexico Team Case Analysis
Founded in 1812, at the publication of the business case, Citibank boasted a global presence with 3,400 branches in over 100 countries and employed 90,000. The Mexico Team was led by Amy Elliott, where the group focused on providing private banking services to high net worth individuals ($5 million+) located in the country. Over the years, the group had grown its accounts to over 250, while providing mutual fund investing, trust & estate administration, funds...
The end: act on behalf: the client, her employer, or authorities. Trust and privacy are tremendously important in banking. Choosing to break this trust will have negative consequences for both the client Raul Salinas and her employer, Citibank. Given this understanding, Elliott must follow Alternative #2 and not cooperate with authorities. The short and long-term ramifications for the bank, her group, herself and current clients would all be damaged should she choose the other alternatives that would have her cooperate with the Swiss and American authorities. Thus, the correct decision is to show loyalty to clients and maintain their privacy.
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