Christopher’s Place Employment Academy


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The beginning:
Christopher’s Place
Date of visit:
November 25, 2009
First Visit
Christopher’s Place Employment Academy
Christopher’s Place Employment Academy is an intensive residential program that provides education and training, as well as emotional, spiritual, and addiction recovery support to formerly homeless men. The program invites the participants to engage in a process of change that moves them from homelessness to permanent stable living, trains them to obtain employment, and empowers them to live a life free of drugs and alcohol.
I expected the program to be well organized and intense. Considering the population I expected to work with, I knew there would be a wide variety of issues these men were dealing with. I was ready for an environment...
The end:
.....rning can be an important part of the curriculum. This can be especially true with at-risk youths. Schneider-Munoz (2009) says, “Service projects offer youth the opportunity to take healthy risks, solve problems with peers, and effectively integrate internal psychological processes with external social demands and expectations” (p. 41).
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