Choosing an Automobile


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The beginning:
Choosing an Automobile
The overarching purpose of this study will be to determine which automobile a teacher should buy for his recently graduated son. Choosing to purchase a high performance sports car, this study will use three criterion to determine the best choice of automobile for the teacher to purchase. This study will examine three high performance sports cars. First, the Mercedes SL550 roadster, second, BMW M5, and lastly the Lamborghini Spyder. The three criterion that will be used to evaluate each car will be price, performance, and safety. This study will be concluded with my recommendations for the teacher, based on my findings. Let us begin with examining the price of all three of these vehicles.
All three...
The end:
.....MW M6. Ultimately, this is my final recommendation for the teacher to purchase. The BMW strikes the best balance between performance and price.
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