Choosing an Automobile for a Teenage Daughter


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Choosing an Automobile for a Teenage Daughter
At some point in time, every father is going to have sit his teenage daughter down and have a “little talk.” After the girl has come of age, around 16, she will be wanting to explore her world a bit more, to expand her horizons, and to break out on her own and be with others. As a responsible parent, it is up to the father to assure her that he has her best interests in mind SYMBOL 8212 f "Times New Roman" s 12he remembers when he was a boy SYMBOL 8212 f "Times New Roman" s 12and now is the time to discuss issues such as safety, responsibility, attractiveness, and reliability. As she embarks on her first serious relationship outside the family unit, you both want to make sure that wise...
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.....nd sets up a lifetime of trust and unity between the two.
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