Cholera Prevention and Management in Haiti


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Cholera Prevention and Management in Haiti
Florence Nightingale’s views of the importance of the patient’s surrounding environment changed the way nurses interact with patients and how the environment affects their recovery back to wellness. Aspects of the environment like noise level, air quality, lighting in the patient’s room and cleanliness all have an affect on patient health, according to Nightingale (Nightingale, 1992).
In addition, the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 brought to light the absence of “infrastructure and institutions” (Dowell, et al., 2011) that were lacking in Haiti during the earthquake. This lack of adequate care led to a “devastating cholera epidemic” (Dowell, et al., 2011) that is...
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..... important to keep these factors in mind to promote patient healing and nurture them back to health.
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