Childhood Obesity


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The beginning:
Childhood Obesity
Obesity among children in Canada has attained the proportions of an epidemic. Over the past 25 years the incidence of childhood obesity has risen to the point of a threefold increase as evidenced from 1980-2005 (
& McLaren, 2008). The issue is that obesity is a risk factor for short- and long-term negative impacts on physical and psychosocial health. According to
and Rocha (2006), because the incidence of childhood obesity has escalated so much within a brief period of time, the rapid increase indicates that environmental factors rather than genetic causes are at work. Obesity affects children in a holistic manner in terms of cardiovascular problems, poor academic achievement, impaired...
The end:
.....nted view of the problem, the issue of childhood obesity can be approached in a standardized manner across the entire country.
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