Chicago Field Trip: Using Public Transportation


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Chicago Field Trip: Using Public Transportation
The impact of our daily activities on the environment is something that everyone should take into consideration. And although it is not easy to make changes to our habits, it is possible to do things like avoid high polluting kinds of transportation in favor of less polluting ways to get around. We can do things, in other words, like take the bus or train to work instead of the car. Accordingly, the following discussion describes my experience using public transportation for a day in Chicago.
As a business owner, for my usual work day I either stay home and conduct all my business from there or I drive into my office in downtown Chicago by car. So, I have only used public transportation on a...
The end:
..... most important is that my experience showed me that it is feasible and even practical to support improvements and growth in public transit as a way of helping improve the environment. Helping solve our energy problems and environmental challenges in many ways is just a matter of helping people understand that we can accomplish extraordinary things by simply changing our habits. And this is because as more and more people change their habits, our general values toward energy consumption and the environment will change in favor of energy conservation and environmental responsibility (Larsson 167).
Larsson, Mats. Global energy transformation: four necessary
steps to make clean energy the next success stor. Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.