Chapter 10 in “The Practice of Social Research”


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Chapter 10 in "The Practice of Social Research"
, in his book The Practice of Social Research, devotes Chapter 10 to qualitative field research. One of the goals of field research is to observe social activities and behaviors in the natural setting in which such activities occur. For example, the social interactions and activity we observe in our daily lives can be said to be field research. The discussion of our observations with others can be seen as reporting. Indeed, according to
, the methods mentioned in Chapter 10 have been used for centuries, and are distinctly different from the observation methods used to obtain statistical data. This is largely because the type of research and research methods are...
The end:
..... research. This is because the researcher can influence the dynamics or behaviors of subjects. In order to gain objective data, the researcher must be aware of the effects of his presence.
In summary, qualitative field research can yield data which cannot be uncovered utilizing other research methods. The researcher needs to be aware of the goals, appropriate topics, paradigms, methods, and ethics involved in this type of research. Qualitative field research can be a valuable tool in the observation of social life, and it is essential for the researcher to utilize the tools
discusses in order to produce the most beneficial data.
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