Changes in Hollywood: 1995 to 2010


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The beginning:
Changes in Hollywood: 1995 to 2010
Part I: Changes in Hollywood: the development of the film industry from 1995 to 2010
This paper looks at how the film industry in Hollywood has changed over the past 15 years – since the middle 1990s. The paper will also, as space allows, briefly discuss why the movie, Avatar, is so popular and what the pros and the cons are of this film. The paper begins by discussing how Hollywood appears to be developing into an industry that respects and even embraces social trends that, just a few generations ago, would have been considered de trop; for instance, single parenthood has acquired a measure of legitimacy and popularity in Hollywood that appears to mirror the larger changes unfolding in...
The end:
.....atar surely cost vast sums of money to make and is entirely reliant upon the “exploitative” American capitalist system. In the end, the story falls flat because it has nothing to commend itself beyond the special effects; when one becomes accustomed to the extraordinary world that is Pandora, Avatar starts to become a rather pedestrian film – even if it is remarkable to look at.
To end, this paper suggests that Avatar is popular becomes it looks like no other film one will ever see; the visual landscape on the alien world the young ex-marine inhabits is extraordinary. However, the dialogue is not exactly profound and the plot has few, if any, twists and turns. It is a film, for all intents and purposes, that is splendid-looking but shallow.