Change of Internal and External Environments in Organizations


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The beginning:
The objective of this document is to analyze the reasons for changes in the internal and the external environments in an organization and to make suggestions on the different alternatives that are available to organizations to face up to these challenges that are posed to them. The document is divided into three different parts. The first part looks at the reasons for internal changes in the organization’s environment, the second part looks at the reasons for the changes in the external environment of the organization and the third and final part of the document analyses the different alternatives available t the organization to face up the changes and the ensuing...
The end:
..... the external environment, which the organization has no control over. Therefore the organization is unable to avoid the changes taking place and the only course of action available to the organization is to anticipate the changes well in advance and take proactive action to change. By doing so the organization can gain the additional benefit of gaining a competitive edge over its rivals in the market. 
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