Challenges to Nation-States Created by Migrations


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The beginning:
Challenges to Nation-States Created by Migrations
What are the main challenges imposed by migrations to nation-states?
This brief paper will explore three key challenges to nation-states that are created by migrations – both incoming and outgoing. As it stands, there appear to be three main challenges: cultural integration for those flowing into a country; the creation of racial, sectarian and ethnic tensions as people from outside move inside and those within – especially the young – depart for greener pastures; and the threat that a state will lose its sovereignty if it cannot control its borders (though this would presumably be a greater threat to large states bound by huge borders than by smaller states bound by much smaller borders)....
The end:
.....nternational migration(Bulgaria),” 3-4).
To end this paper, there are three main challenges created by in-migration and out-migration – challenges that nation-states simply cannot overlook: incomplete cultural integration; group tensions; and weakened sovereignty. The next couple of decades will reveal how this all unfolds.
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