Celebrities in Marketing Communications


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Celebrities in Marketing Communications
This study will argue for the positives and negatives of marketing campaigns involving the use of celebrity personalities. With the high profile presence of celebrities in the marketing of various products one may ask: What is the rationale for the use of celebrities in advertising and other marketing communications? Why do firm’s marketing sporting goods choose to employ celebrities, often at considerable expense, rather than use other forms of marketing communication? In essence, by understanding the historical background of celebrity advertising, a measurement of the positive traits involved in celebrity advertising will be analyzed over the negative attributes of celebrity personalities...
The end:
.....self is projected onto the public, which reveals the important influence it can have in celebrity promotion for marketing purposes. Finally, celebrity advertising can also have it negative effects. Properly gauging the predictability of celebrity behavior and the sometimes-negative ramifications of this behavior can endanger a product via a marketing campaign. Nevertheless, the appeal of the cult of personality through celebrity appears to be a mainstay in promoting products and the image of identity to the general public through media communications and mass marketing in advertisement for many years to come.
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