Cause-effect: Free Speech


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Cause-effect: Free Speech
Being someone who
to the left in political ideology and especially in regards to social issues, it is not surprising that freedom of speech issues are a passionate interest of mine. The rights associated with the freedom of speech and expression are importantly associated to political debate and, thus, to the concept of democracy. Most people living in a democratic country would agree that they are entitled to basic freedom of speech rights such as the right to protest wars. If the government were able to prohibit speech or expression of an idea merely because it found the idea offensive or disagreeable, then we wouldn’t be living in a country with democratic values, but rather in one with a totalitarian...
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.....the latter type is inconsistent with the democratic process and is more aligned with totalitarian or communist governments. What is further interesting that most proponents of free speech and expression rights follow the hypocritical practice of advocating for that freedom only for views that are consistent with their own. But freedom of speech mandates that we allow everyone, with very limited restrictions, to express their opinions, their views, their right to expressions no matter how intolerable they are. Freedom of speech and expression is about tolerance and the exchange of ideas and information. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions, whether it be protesting for the legalization of same-sex marriage or protesting against it.