Causal Factors of EBDs


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Causal Factors of EBDs
Key Points from the Assigned Reading
The most fundamental issue regarding causal factors of EBDs seems to be the most critical issue as well. Identification of the disruptive behavior or disorder does not necessarily mean that the cause has been or can be identified. Similarly, finding an effective intervention for a specific child does not necessarily mean that the intervention will work for others with similar EBDs. The manifestation of behaviors, the root causes, the latent causes, and the
of disorders (and causes) is to some degree unknowable, and all factors cannot be determined or controlled. Therefore, while it is important to continue research into causes and cures, the immediate priority of...
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How this factor can be mitigated, if possible.
This factor can be mitigated through formal assessment of test scores and grades across various subjects. Language assessment can be used if actual deficiencies or barriers are suspected, and opportunities for alternate language usage in their academic work may build confidence in the student’s use of multiple languages. English deficiencies are easy to identify and to mitigate with additional support and instruction. Differential expectation and pressures regarding language are less evident and harder to mitigate and may take further counseling and assessment with the student.
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learning. NY: Cambridge University Press.