Case Study of Indian BPOs


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The beginning:
Case Study of Indian BPOs
Subject: The subject of this case study is that Indian BPOs may have a number of advantages related to cost but they are also in need of further reform. The Philippines government does a much better job of supporting their BPOs than the Indian government does.
Recommendation: The Indian government should offer more infrastructural support to BPOs so that they can be more competitive with those in countries like the Philippines. The Indian government can also extend tax holidays to such businesses to help them have a reduced tax burden.
Conclusion: Author & Author (Year of publication) argued that that "countries like the Philippines (have) world class infrastructure and ten-year tax breaks, and (are)...
The end:
.....Jewel in the Crown” by the British for a big reason: the country is overloaded with resources. While the British largely looked at the natural resources of India, they were under no misconception that the people of India were useful resources themselves. India is primed to become one of the top economies in the world in the next 50 years and it is unlikely that BPO development will cease any time soon. The government in India will have to do a much better job though if it wants to maintain its complete dominance in this domain.
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