Case Study of a Patient with Asthma


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The beginning:
Case Study of a Patient with Asthma
1. History of Present Illness: Ms. B. is a 39 year old obese female who has just been diagnosed with asthma ago after multiple episodes of difficulty breathing , chest tightness and wheezing every day for the past week. She also reports coughing that is worse at night but denies any sputum production with the cough, any fever, chills or night sweats.
Medications: None
Review of systems
General: reduced energy in recent months, 40 lb weight gain within the past year,
HEENT: No headaches, no dizziness or light headedness, no,
Eyes: No blurry vision, no double vision, wears glasses
Ears: No hearing difficulties, no ringing in her ears, no ear pain, no discharge,
Nose: No post nasal drips, no nasal...
The end:
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