Case Study: Napster


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Case Study: Napster
Case Summary
Key Facts and Critical Issues
Napster was an innovative service that allowed internet sharing of music files through a host site. This was an innovative approach to music sharing allowing individuals who owned (theoretically) a copy of a song to trade with others who owned songs they wanted. This presented a unique challenge to the traditional model for purchasing or sharing music and quickly faced legal challenges from the music industry. The courts needed to address questions regarding ownership, copyrights, and consumer rights similar to issues faced when video recorders were first introduced. The core question was whether Napster as the host site was facilitating copyright infringement or simply...
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.....e providers to make content available at a discount or premium when they purchase their dial-up service, and C) Creating an international division to develop and target specific communities abroad. For example, if the British market shows significant overlap with the American market, the entry costs into that market are lower. Current content would likely have wide appeal and would be easily accessible through the internet. For markets such as Latin America, investment would be needed to provide Latin content which would allow for entry into the market and then added value of the full American library of music. In combination, these strategies would greatly expand the customer base, increase market share, and fill open niches in the market.