Case Study: Addressing the Problems of an American Adolescent


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Case Study: Addressing the Problems of an American Adolescent
A number of factors contribute to and shape the experience of Adolescence. Adolescent experience and behavior is dictated by internal and external factors. Peer pressures, family dynamics, changing cognition and brain functions influence how adolescents engage with their environment and those who live in it. This paper will critically look at the current problems of an American adolescent, identify her problems, provide a diagnosis and two potential solutions for Emily and her family. This paper will use theories from Chapters Four and Lectures 5 and 6 from the text book Adolescence by Laurence Steinberg as well as three other outside sources. I will argue that...
The end:
.....amily. Family therapy provides one solution in that is giver everyone in Emily’s family the chance to discuss how they feel about the situation. However, if Emily’s problems are more deeply rooted, then she requires more individual therapy and the ability to cope with her problems in the long term. Art therapy and individual therapy provides a good alternative for Emily as well.
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