Case Study: A Business Dilemma


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The beginning:
Case Study: A Business Dilemma
Overview of the Situation
Stephen Zhang is a business school graduate who is working as a project manager for a small Chinese consulting firm called Noble Consulting. At the beginning of the case, Zhang is in the middle of managing a very important project when he is contacted by a former Noble Consulting colleague who ends up offering him a well-paid role at a new company. Despite the attractiveness of this offer, the decision that Zhang has to make would affect many stakeholders both within the firm and within his client’s company, Salema. Zhang is concerned that the project he is working on will end up falling through, because of his central role in the feasibility study he was completing for Salema. At...
The end:
..... if they chose to take legal action due to their potential loss of reputation in the industry. It is possible that if Zhang gives his notice that Noble Consulting will let him leave early, but if they do not then he will be able to help them finish the current project. It is also possible that if he talks to his bosses about the fact that he has other options in the industry, that they will consider placing more value on his contribution and discuss a more stable, better-paying job that he can aspire to over the long term. Although there are few definitive solutions available, this is the best option for Zhang at this time.
Yang, A. (2002). Stephen Zhang's Opportunity. Cases in Business Ethics. London ON: Ivey Management Services.